Intercoms Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

What do you specialize in as a company?

We specialize in access control technologies from private and commercial use. Our door entry and access control units come in a variety of shapes, features and thus prices to suit your budget and needs!

Do you have an intercom catalog?

Yes, we do but we are doing our bit to save the environment so the use of paper is always discouraged. Our catalog can be viewed online which show cases all the intercom units that are currently available.

Who is eligible to use your intercom systems?

Anyone looking to control access rights to their property can use our intercom systems, some of the businesses we have supplied include:

  • Student Residential Areas
  • Flats
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Private Homes
  • Office Parks
  • Industrial Offices
  • Security Booths

How long would it take to install an Intercom in my house?

We have installed an intercom within less than 2 hours! We always strive to install intercom units as soon as possible so no matter how small or big your home is, we will ensure that your intercom is installed and tested for quality assurance!